California Drought (and Flood) Update for June 22, 2017

California Drought (and Flood) Update for June 22, 2017

“You’re talking about an investment by more than one generation. All of the great projects which we need now, as in the past too, are projects which require multigenerational investment. They are the incurrence of debt, a debt which spans generations. And one of the great things that we have to master in this respect, is what is the nature of human beings….

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A Note To Readers

While the nation is being tortured by those determined to oust, or even assassinate, President Trump, what must happen if the nation’s infrastructure requirements are going to be tackled effectively is not even limping along badly.

What the nation must have, now, is a national credit system that can mobilize the funding at a level of at least $1-2 trillion per year. No one but the LaRouche organization is discussing that, yet. Without that level of commitment, and it being run top-down by the federal government, nothing will be built but perhaps a few toll roads.

As the reports below demonstrate, California’s water management system, which requires massive repair, more storage capability, and a new platform for producing fresh water, like a few dozen desalination plants, is stuck building nothing as desperate people try to outmaneuver or manipulate a rigged game.

The quotation above from Lyndon LaRouche is from an article on today, June 22: “Give Americans Some Credit.” The article should be read by all who wish to actually solve problems rather than flail their arms in frustration.

To make the point once more: Without a national credit system, no matter the intentions of the President, what the nation needs will not be built.

This week’s report:

With 100 plus degree temperatures this week the huge snowpack in the Sierras is beginning to melt fast. Some minor flooding has occurred and more likely will. But, the record breaking temperatures throughout the southwest part of the nation has prompted a few to come out from under their log and claim “it is because of global warming.” I included one such article below.

The U.S. Drought Monitor and Reservoir graph show no changes, as they have for the past six weeks or so.

Our “Oroville Dam Update” this week has just one report, as little has been reported new, indicating that the repair work is on schedule.

As mentioned above, the state does need more water storage capacity, and a post by Families Protecting the Valley demonstrates just how much water has been lost this year you will find below. The two big proposed reservoirs, the Sites Reservoir and the Temperance Flat Dam and Reservoir are in the news once again as the deadline for applications for the 2014 $7 billion bond funds is just two weeks away. But, even if their proponents jump over the hurdle of the projects “benefiting the environment and the Delta,” what they would get is just a pittance of the billions the two projects will cost.

This week’s report includes an updated forecast for the water level of Lake Mead, warnings of a very dangerous fire season ahead, and an item on desalination.

The feature this week provides more background and polemics on what must become the central issue for all Americans: A national credit system.

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