California Drought (and Flood) Update for July 13, 2017

California Drought (and Flood) Update for July 13, 2017

Looking back to those martyrs who gave us institutions in which truth was given social standing. And that is freedom. There is no freedom without truth, and there is no truth without freedom. The right of an individual informed by right principles to come to an opinion based on reason, not arbitrary opinion, but on based on careful employment of reason. And the right of that individual to stand up and say, this is what I believe, unless I am persuaded to the contrary by reason. That is freedom. If the entire society disagrees with you. So what? You have the right, as long as you are guided by reason, and as long as you will submit yourself to correction of your opinion by reason, that is freedom.

Lyndon LaRouche’s keynote address to a 1988 “Food For Peace” conference

A Note To Readers

The quote above serves two purposes this week. First, it introduces the topic of Food for Peace, which again, as in 1999, is the title of a conference held in New York City on July 8, featuring both U.S. farmers and Chinese agricultural specialists. Links to that conference can be found immediately following this introduction.

Secondly, it introduces the idea that political principles must be based on reason; that opinion not based on reason cannot be truth. Nowhere is that more clear than the question of how is the nation going to move forward with the building and rebuilding of our infrastructure. Over the past weeks I have repeatedly stated that that cannot be done without restoring a Hamiltonian credit system. I shall not repeat my arguments here, now. An eight minute video from which the LaRouche quote above comes is here:

But, I will introduce another principle: Since there are no limits to growth for mankind, it is only when we mistakenly, or stupidly, think that there are that we say things like “it can’t be done.”

In this week’s report:

The Food for Peace conference in New York City on July 8 included a presentation by Robert Baker titled The Farmer Astronaut, which demonstrated in a beautiful way how the space program has transformed agriculture. Links to that presentation and the entire conference are provided.

Our U.S. Drought Monitor and Reservoir graphs follow.

The heat wave has killed between 4,000 and 6,000 cattle in California in the last few weeks. That story is part of the coverage of the weather this week.

Our Oroville Dam update includes a video of the ongoing work and articles spelling out how the work is progressing.

That is followed by the news of the House passing a California Water Bill. One that will may not pass the Senate and thus gives us another act of the Congress appearing to do something.

The summer has exploded early with wildfires, so several articles provide some thoughtful background.

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