California Drought (and Flood) Update for August 3, 2017

California Drought (and Flood) Update for August 3, 2017

The United States government’s responsibilities for defense and for building new economic infrastructure are equally explicitly stated in the Constitution. The American people formed a government to “provide for the common defense”; also to “promote the general welfare” and “to establish post offices and post roads”; and the first Congress in 1789 affirmed the responsibility for ports, by the Lighthouse Act.

Yet the Federal government is planning to fund production of a single class of Navy ships and a single new fighter-bomber fleet with $400 billion — or more — over the next decade, as much as it is currently investing in building, operating and repairing all forms of economic infrastructure.

The United States is as far behind in its economic infrastructure, as it is seeking to get ahead militarily. With Wall Street running U.S. economic policy, this can’t work.

As Far Behind in Infrastructure as Ahead in Military Power

A Note To Readers

The quote above is from a LaRouche PAC statement of July 24, 2017. The full statement can be found toward the end of this report. The simpletons usually discuss this idea as “will it be guns or butter?” But, as another item found also in the last section of this report, “Capital Budgeting and Infrastructure: Zero Net Infrastructure Spending Since 2013” demonstrates, not only has there been a net negative investment in U.S. infrastructure by the federal government since 2013, but since the nation’s infrastructure is depreciating at a rate of $100 billion per year, not even President Trump’s proposed $1 trillion of such investment over ten years would result in any net gain or improvement.

The driving idea of these weekly reports has been for more than three years now, that California’s water management system that provides the water to 39 million people and makes possible the most productive agricultural producing machine in the world, cannot and will not continue to function into the future without it being a part of a nation-wide financial and economic reorganization reorganization that concentrates on investments in the real physical economy of science, infrastructure, space exploration, fusion power and rebuilding the broken-down industrial capacity of the nation. That reorganization begins by restoring the American System of public credit, as established by the first U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Today, that means the first step must be the shutting down of the Wall Street gambling casino by re-enacting President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall banking law. And then the rest of LaRouche’s Four Laws

And it had better be done soon, for we are day by day arriving at the break point for a new, even bigger than 2008, financial collapse.

With that said, once again I refer you to the last section of this week’s report for a discussion on how President Franklin Roosevelt saw his task as he entered the Presidency in 1933, facing a crisis in the nation much like the one we face today.

In This Week’s Report

Seattle and Portland may hit 100 degrees today, while here in the Bay Area we are suffering a balmy 77 degrees and it will be down in the sixties on Sunday. And while the drought has left California for now, 11 percent of the country is suffering it.

The Oroville Dam update begins with some videos showing progress of the construction of the spillway, the construction schedule and the “wet spot” on the face of the dam. It is that spot that continues to generate articles and questions that answers seem to be unavailable as yet.

California WaterFix, or better known as the Delta tunnels, a $17 billion dollar and 17-year project that has received a couple of passes recently and the proponents, led by Governor Brown are acting like they won the lottery. Two opinion pieces, one for and one against the project are presented this week.

Wildfires remain a hot news item (pun intended). One article forecasts that the fire danger will be extreme all the way into November. That is interesting since over the past several years fire officials have said that California’s fire season is now twelve months a year.

The proposed Sites Reservoir now has enough water agencies ready to pay for it, that all it needs now is the state to approve it. If approved, it could be completed in maybe less than ten years, maybe not.

San Luis Reservoir will have some work done on it and raise the dam a bit, but it will not begin construction for three years. But, that being in the news gives us opportunity to watch President Kennedy speak as he inaugurated the project.

And the State Continues to Go to Pot as it prepares for legalization in January.

The feature this week begins with a discussion of the thinking of President Franklin D. Roosevelt as he entered office in 1933. That is followed by several related articles.

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