California Drought (and Flood) Update for September 7, 2017

California Drought (and Flood) Update for September 7, 2017

All future generations, and this is a cliché you have heard many times, always surpass the previous ones, and achieve more. This is true. This is only natural, because new generations build on the foundation created by their predecessors.

You, who are now entering active life, need to bear this in mind, be aware of it and not just do better than previous generations, but do better on a new level, and not only in comparison with what was done in our country, but in comparison with our competitors all over the world. I am not talking about enemies of every stripe. Now is not the time to talk about sad things. I am referring to competitors, and the competition is always strong.

That is why the step you are taking today– choosing your profession and your path in life– is so important for you. You saw them on the screen.

They include space exploration, innovative energy sources, transport, biology, and cognitive science. They are about the synergy of various areas of knowledge and technology that produce the maximum effect, nature-like technologies, and so on. Medicine and education, too, by the way. You have to choose your own path.

                                                                                            Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin

At the “National open lesson Russia Focused on the Future,” speaking to students in the Yaroslavl Region, and with more than one million other students watching on TV.


A Note To Readers

With back to back hurricane disasters throwing the nation into a whole new world– one that requires serious and profound changes in the system that let nature wreck the country because we did not build what could have been built decades ago– it is time for President Trump to cease being a cheerleader for “issues” that elicit the cheers, and instead, become the leader and educator of citizens.

The quote above from President Putin demonstrates such leadership.

The moment is still ripe for Americans to take a lesson from the immense human and economic loss of Hurricane Harvey: Build the new infrastructure which was many decades overdue, to prevent these disasters from robbing Americans of homes, jobs, untold wealth and even their lives. Reverse the slow-motion collapse of the obsolete infrastructure platforms on which the U.S. economy has been working.

Some 50 years ago the State of Texas drafted plans for a comprehensive water and flood management system that would protect its Gulf coastal cities from flooding — and its extreme southeastern coast and upper plains from drought — by linking many dams and reservoirs with a long coastal canal to move excess water between river basins. This was the same decade that JFK and RFK worked for a Western water management plan called the North American Water and Power Alliance — a dozen times the Tennessee Valley Authority — to defeat desertification and irrigate farmland.

The need for building such new and higher technology infrastructure platforms does not diminish because a Wall Street-run economy and many wars have blocked them. Another historic moment arrives when they must be done. That is the point we have been brought to, with three major U.S. cities having been entirely devastated by hurricanes in just over a decade, and losses far exceeding the costs of these great projects. And over the next days more cities shall be devastated by hurricane Irma.

It was ten years ago that the U.S. Congress in two days passed a law to give the Wall Street banks $700 billion in bailouts, despite the overwhelming uproar against it from the American people. So, don’t tell me the nation cannot create a credit system, perhaps like the FDR-utilized Reconstruction Finance Corporation used to build great projects like the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Grand Coulee Dam. And unlike bailing out the parasites of Wall Street, we issue a trillion or two (to begin with) to rebuild the nation.

That is what the President must be leading cheers for.

That tragedy opens the potential for change is made clear in this message from Dan Leach, one of my colleagues in Houston:

A Sublime Moment in Houston

Those of us in the LaRouche movement office in Houston were witness not only to a terrible tragedy over the last week, but also to the manifestation of a powerful and profound principle. Not only did literally thousands of first responders—police, firemen, National Guard, Coast Guard, etc. from as far away as New York and Boston pour in to help in the rescue operations, risking their lives repeatedly, but many thousands more ordinary people from all over the country came with boats, canoes, trucks or anything that could get through high water, to help save the lives of people they never met. One policeman and several civilians did, indeed, lose their lives. It was truly inspiring to see the many examples of selfless giving, cooperation and downright heroism emergency brought out. Everyone from news reporters to ordinary people sensed that, in that moment, there were no differences, there were only human beings who were in danger or suffering and needed help. People who had just been evacuated and lost their homes were out there immediately helping to get others to safety. Perhaps the most emblematic image was that of a redneck, maybe part of the famous so-called “Cajun Navy” who came over from Louisiana with their boats, big Confederate flag on the side of his boat, rescuing

African-American and Hispanic families. Any notion one may have had less than a month ago, in the aftermath of the events in Charlottesville, that America was hopelessly divided and engulfed in hate and paranoia, seemed to vanish.

In this week’s report

Skipping the U.S. Drought Monitor and the Reservoir Graph this week, we shall go straight to some reports on The Weather, the Climate, Drought and Hurricanes.

That is followed by the Oroville Dam update, which includes a report by Oroville Dam Spillway Incident Independent Forensic Team.

Then we have the Dam Safety Report reporting on the state of California’s dams.

California and all of the West, including British Columbia are burning up as the report on wildfires this week reports.

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