California Drought (and Flood) Update for September 28, 2017

California Drought (and Flood) Update for September 28, 2017

“From that standpoint I wanted to make the contrast between the environmentalist policy of today, where it’s anti-human policy of so-called conservationism and the policy that human beings are not at the center of the progress of our ecological system, and the progress of our Solar System and our Galaxy and doesn’t recognize the relationship of mankind to the Galaxy.

“But you take this in contrast to President John F. Kennedy speech and to the beautiful idea that he gave on conservation and water resources.  He says, “Our nation’s progress is reflected in the history of our river systems.  The water that courses through our rivers and streams holds the key to full national development. Uncontrolled, it wipes out homes, lives and dreams, bringing disaster in the form of floods; controlled, it is an effective artery of transportation, a boon to industrial development, a source of beauty and recreation, and the means for turning arid areas into rich and versatile cropland.” This is the idea of mankind transforming his relationship to nature.  I think that message  from President John F. Kennedy is so beautiful, how we think about the idea of conserving — really, the idea in Genesis I, of mankind’s mission of subduing, and replenishing the Earth: That’s how you do it.  You create that which is beautiful out of something that you think is a total disaster that mankind has no control over, which is absolutely not true.”

Kesha Rogers

Presentation to the Manhattan Project

September 23, 2017


A Note To Readers

As I have been traveling all week, this report will be not only brief, but will include some items I have had in the “icebox.”  Following a brief weather report, we will begin with the announcement by President Trump that he now recognizes that the so-called private sector cannot build and rebuild the nation’s infrastructure.  Now, we await his necessary next step:  The re-establishment of the U.S. credit system to unleash the trillions now required to do the job.  While the President’s response to the hurricanes that have devastated Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico has been aggressive, and his stated commitment to repair the damage is commendable, it will require that fundamental economic change to fulfill his promise.

The quote above from Kesha Rogers, who, as some of you may know, is a member of the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, based in Houston.  The preventable disaster, had the mere $29 billion investment in flood-control that has been blue-printed for decades been built, that took so many lives in that city, also took the lives of Kesha’s father and step-mother.  I urge you to watch the entire meeting:

In this Week’s Report

First, will there be or not be an El Nino?  Who knows, but the odds are given in the first item below.

That is followed by what this report has stated frequently, this time by President Trump:  “President Trump Says Public-Private Partnerships Won’t Work for Infrastructure Development.”

Our Oroville Dam Update this week is all videos of the progress of the construction of the main spillway.

First we humans controlled single rivers, then entire watersheds, then made a single water management system out of multiple watersheds.  How about a continental water management system.  Well, we almost began doing that in the 1960s, and China is actually doing it now.  The North American Water and Power Alliance and China’s Move South Water North projects really are our feature for this week.

Finally, if you already did not know it, the country is going to pot.

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