California Drought (and Flood) Update for October 5, 2017

California Drought (and Flood) Update for October 5, 2017

It cannot be more evident that a connection must be made, between the United States’ current urgent need to build and rebuild disaster-struck infrastructure with trillions in investments, and China’s Belt and Road Initiative which is building such infrastructure all over the world.

Just in recent days, China’s infrastructure banks have announced involvement in India’s pledge to provide electricity to every household by the end of next year; in an extensive modern rebuilding of the economic infrastructure of the Philippines; in a pledge to help industrialize Bolivia and make it a steel-producing center; in a rebuilding project to make Port-au-Prince and Haiti earthquake-proof and protected from floods. Financial firms say it will be keeping world steel demand growing through the mid-2020s with hundreds of new-technology infrastructure projects under the Belt and Road Initiative. Included is port- and high-speed rail-building in Europe as well, where the “Maritime Silk Road” enters Europe through the Balkans.

Both China and Japan, between which there is increasing rapprochement after decades of hostile relations, are ready and willing to invest in such new infrastructure in America. The United States lacks a national credit bank through which to make such investment partnerships.

A Note To Readers

Well, it appears that the President has announced a policy that has Wall Street very upset. In Puerto Rico on October 3, he said in an interview on Fox, “”you can say goodbye” to Puerto Rico’s debt as the island struggles to recover from the devastation left by Hurricane Maria. “They owe a lot of money to your friends on Wall Street and we’re going to have to wipe that out,….” “You can say goodbye to that.”

Of course, everyone and his uncle will be spinning this in the days to come, but the President is right, the speculative and usurious gambling debt must go; human lives must come before mere money debt, and then an American System credit structure must be established to provide the trillions in credit necessary to rebuild our infrastructure.

Remember, the American Society of Civil Engineers report earlier this year made the point that California alone needs about $10 billion per year for its water infrastructure.

While distractions by the gazillion may cause most Americans to have their attention diverted from what is important in this world, even some of the most unlikely people, for whatever reason, are being forced to face reality. A case in point: A week or so ago in the Bay Area at a conference of U.S. and China business people, California Governor Jerry Brown announced that California is fully on board in joining China’s New Silk Road.

On month from now, President Trump will spend 11 days in Asia, with visits to South Korea and Japan, and two full days meeting with China’s President Xi. Then he goes to Vietnam for the APEC heads of state summit, and then to the Philippines for the heads of state ASEAN summit. At both conferences he will have the opportunity to meet with Xi again, and with President Putin.

We may hope the spirit of the New Silk Road grabs President Trump as he sees first hand a nation and a region that is animated with the idea of progress, building the greatest infrastructure project in human history.

The President’s first step on the pathway of really making America great again, may, in the future, be said to have begun in Puerto Rico. The entire journey, all four of LaRouche’s Laws, can be found in our feature this week.

In This Week’s Report

October 1 began the new water year. We ended the just concluded one with full reservoirs and the second largest rainfall record since records have been kept. The U.S. Drought Monitor reflects that fact.

This week’s Oroville Dam Update, as per usual, includes videos of the progress of construction on the new spillway. There are two articles reported, the first is an excellent report on what is being done on site this year, and what is to be done later.

The California WaterFix, or as more commonly known, the tunnels under the Delta, is not dead yet, but the next couple of weeks may decide it. Several reports are included in this section on that topic. Also there is an article that describes what not building the tunnels will mean for the Colorado River’s role in the state’s water supply.

Two more sections cover growing food in the desert and the big money involved in illegal marijuana growing.

The feature this week includes a link to a new on-line class series on, “LaRouche’s Science of Economics is the Basis for US Joining the New Paradigm.”

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