California Water and Infrastructure Report (formerly the California Drought and Flood Update)

California Water and Infrastructure Report (formerly the California Drought and Flood Update)

Whether or not that “beautiful world” will be built, depends in large measure on the upcoming Asian trip of President Trump, and most especially on his Nov. 8 meeting with Xi Jinping. If Trump accepts Xi’s repeated offers to join the Belt and Road Initiative, a dramatic strategic sea-change will be underway. If, however, Trump remains largely tied down by British slanders and threats against him—such as the tidal wave of Russiagate and anti-China propaganda spewing from the British Empire and their assets—then the entire world may well sink with the bankrupt Old Paradigm. Yesterday’s revelations that both the DNC and the Clinton campaign directly funded the work of British intelligence agent Christopher Steele—the author of the lying anti-Trump dossier regurgitated ad nauseum in the liberal media—are a long-overdue but very timely step to help free Trump from the British campaign.

China Commits to Building a “Beautiful China” and a “Beautiful World”

A Note To Readers

It has taken months of searching, but finally we have a new title for this weekly report. If any of my readers have a better suggestion than “California Water and Infrastructure Report,” please let me know and I will give it serious consideration.

As President Trump said in an interview with Lou Dobbs Wednesday evening, he looks forward to his meetings with President Xi of China for two days around November 8 in Beijing. The quote above sets the tone for what is possible in the weeks to come.

With the United States continuing its emergency repair work in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and California, the U.S. Congress is allocating tens of billions of dollars to do so. The question remains, when and how, beyond emergency repairs, the nation will begin a real infrastructure building program that, like the Apollo Project of President Kennedy, transforms and uplifts the power of the economy? It is the frontiers of science and technology that do that. Today that means not only building the water projects, the high-speed rail network and desalination plants, but it the frontiers of fusion research and the space program that can and will create, as President Xi said the other day, a “Beautiful World.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, so to speak, this week’s report focuses on two major areas: The tunnels under the Delta, a project, which almost daily, appears to be heading to the dustbin of history; and, the Oroville Dam spillway project. With just one week to go to the deadline of November 1 to complete phase I of the rebuilding of it, the main contractor says it shall be done.

The concluding section of the report provides more thoughtful material on how to organize an economy the American System way. This section includes some excerpts from Paul Gallagher’s presentation to the Manhattan Project last Saturday. Toward the end of that presentation is a surprise: The “Golden Age” for the increase of labor productivity of the U.S. economy was the 1930s, with the massive building of transformational infrastructure and FDR’s Rural Electrification project. The second surprise: The IT sector over the past two decades has added almost a zero percent increase in labor productivity.


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