California Water and Infrastructure Report for December 14, 2017

California Water and Infrastructure Report for December 14, 2017

While the President has to be freed of this coup attempt, LaRouchePAC’s second publication, “America’s Future on the New Silk Road,” will revive the potential of a “new economic paradigm” which engaged him in his 14-day trip to China and other Asian nations. It resulted, among other things, in nearly $300 billion in investments in the United States and a Chinese commitment to build industry in America’s third-poorest state.

More than that, the President and Congress need to understand Lyndon LaRouche’s “four laws to save the nation.” They start with re-imposition of the Glass-Steagall Act before the hyper-leveraged U.S. and European banks crash again. This was a Trump campaign promise! Then, join China’s Belt and Road initiative (“New Silk Road”) and match China credit-for-credit for great infrastructure projects, with a Reconstruction Finance Corporation or Hamiltonian Bank of the United States. Infrastructure building was Trump’s main campaign promise, but the scrooges of the Republican leadership have so far defeated his intention.

Build high-speed rail corridors; build sea gates and reservoirs; build nuclear power plants and don’t rely on gas power like the now-sorry British. Go again to the Moon and thence into the Solar System with a mobilization like Apollo. Trump has again stated the United States will do this. But without the credit and science policies LaRouche spelled out in his “Four Laws,” and without cooperation with China, Russia, and other space faring nations, it won’t succeed.

A Plan To Defeat A Coup, And Join A New Paradigm Of Economic Progress

A Note To Readers

As the quotation above makes the point, if the coup attempt against the President fails, then the determination is to wreck his economic policy must be then our next target. The President has no choice but to declare war on the Wall Street system that will not allow him to fulfill the promises he has made. With that in mind it is useful to recall the President’s policy as he stated it on February in his address to the joint session of Congress. That is not the President we see daily portrayed in the U.S. media. Excerpts from that address is the last item in the last section of this report.

In this week’s report:

California has always had unpredictable weather, and boy are we experiencing it now. Here it is half-way through the month of December and there is no rain or snow. Recall last December when the state was being drenched.

The Department of Water Resources has announced its initial allocation for state water contractors, and water users in the Valley are not pleased. The announcement and the response is in the section titled, “How Is the Water Supply for the Coming Year?”

The fires in southern California have now burned more than a quarter million acres in just over one week, and full containment of the Thomas fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties is not expected until, at the earliest, January 7 of next year. This section has some updates and concludes with the Governor’s usual rant about global warming. But, the irony, as the article following the ones on the Governor make clear, all of his policies to lower CO2 are worthless.

The Oroville Dam Update includes a more general report on California dams and the billions required now to make them all safe. In addition, hair-line cracks in the new spillway continue to garner attention and about $1 billion in damage claims have been filed against the state.

The proposed Huntington Beach desalination plant continues to move forward on regulatory approval and an article on the debate about it provides the unusual appearance of an article that appears to be honest coverage.

The final section this week is my regular coverage of the economic policy required if we are to actually rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, and to go beyond that to a new platform of physical economic productivity.

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