California Water and Infrastructure Report for December 28, 2017

California Water and Infrastructure Report for December 28, 2017

In 35 days, Trump is to deliver his State of the Union address to Congress and the nation. There is no more lag time nor public forbearance left for simply hearing yet again about the virtues of rebuilding America and creating jobs. The action must begin. That is what is expected of Trump, who has pledged his conviction. On Jan. 6-7, Trump is set to meet at Camp David with Congressional leaders, including minimally Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan, on an infrastructure program, according to a Christmas Eve report from the White House legislative liaison Marc Short. The LaRouche “Laws” and “New Silk Road” are the only way to go.


A Note To Readers

And in the spirit of the above quote, this week an updated LaRouche PAC pamphlet, LaRouche’s Four Laws & America’s Future on the New Silk Road, has been released in both printed and electronic formats. The final section of this week’s report is dedicated to excerpts from that report.

But, here is a short excerpt from the report to whet your appetite.

This program will ensure a great and prosperous future for America: productive and meaningful employment for everyone who wants a job, cheap and abundant electricity for all residential and industrial needs with fission and fusion power, the elimination of all droughts and water crises, high speed rail and magnetic levitation transportation between every major city, new world-class cities, a robust interplanetary manned space program, and a new classical cultural renaissance. This isn’t asking too much to ask for, this isn’t “pie-in-the-sky.” This is what is possible, now, if you following the guidelines of this report, and make it happen.

In This Week’s Report

We begin with “The Question Remains: Is This a New Drought?” Articles clearly imply that the answer is heading toward, “yes.” And the U.S. Drought Monitor shows for the first time in a year that the “moderate drought” category has increased.

Just one article is linked this week on the fires, but we note here that the Thomas Fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties is now the largest fire in California history.

The Oroville Dam update presents the Department of Water Resources plans for the next year or so on repairs, and an item on the relicensing of the dam for the next 50 years. Yes there is controversy about that.

In 2014 voters approved an Proposition 1 of over $7 billion. Of that $2.7 billion was earmarked for storage projects. So, what was built? Nothing yet, after all it is only going on four years, and we cannot expect the environmentalist dominated government of the state to move on a dime, much less $2.7 billion. So under the title, “Remember Proposition 1?” you will find the answer why nothing has yet been built.

A new section this week, “News Items,” contrasts the U.S. and China in building anything.

The Feature concludes this week’s report with excerpts from the LaRouche PAC report, LaRouche’s Four Laws & America’s Future on the New Silk Road..

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