California Water and Infrastructure Report for January 25, 2018

California Water and Infrastructure Report for January 25, 2018

‘We’re not paying for water. We’re paying for public benefits,’ said Chris Orrock, a spokesman for the California Water Commission.”

Describing why the commission has rejected funding for 11 proposed water projects for the money to be allocated from the 2014 state initiative for water projects


A Note To Readers

The quote above is from my article, which you will find below, “How A Promise Was Not What It Seemed To Be: The Bait and Switch Truth About the $7.5 Billion California Water Bond and how Abraham Lincoln Exposed These Fraudsters 170 Years Ago.”

The insanity demonstrated by the California Water Commission in regard to the proposed water projects just about matches the level of irresponsible incompetence the Department of Water Resources has demonstrated for decades, as the section on the Oroville Dam, below, demonstrates.

Other areas covered in this week’s report include reports on how 129 million dead trees in the state’s forest are providing a fundamental challenge to how we prevent and fight forest fires.

Included this week is a very through report on new desalination technologies and the status of actual desalination projects.

As we are one week away from President Trump’s State of the Union address to the nation, the buzz about what he will include in it in regard to building infrastructure continues. Two articles included are part of the buzz.

The Feature this week is chapter four of the LaRouche PAC pamphlet, LaRouche’s Four Laws & America’s Future On The New Silk Road— “Launch a Crash Program for Fusion Power.”

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