California Water and Infrastructure Report for November 30, 2017

California Water and Infrastructure Report for November 30, 2017

You’re talking about an investment by more than one generation. All of the great projects which we need now, as in the past too, are projects which require multigenerational investment. They are the incurrence of debt, a debt which spans generations. And one of the great things that we have to master in this respect, is what is the nature of human beings, or what should be the recognized nature of human beings and their adopted purpose in living?

Economics As History: The Science of Physical Economy

by Lyndon H. Larouche, Jr.

July 11, 2009

A Note To Readers

Although the last two weeks has seen a drought of items and articles on California water, there is no lack of new material to fill out the other half of the title of these reports. Lots on infrastructure, in other words.

There are some California developments, none-the-less. Oroville Dam remains in the news with stories about hair-line cracks in the newly constructed spillway. Also included in this section are a couple of videos and a report from the Department of Water Resources.

Then, since the governor, and other Don Quixotes, continues the crusade against CO2, I include two articles on the topic. The first an extreme apocalyptic vision of the future of California if global warming is not stopped; and the second is on how all the efforts in California to reduce CO2 emissions are worse than useless, as the forest fires in the state add more CO2 to the atmosphere each year than is reduced by all the programs enacted. I hope no one misses the irony.

On January 1, 2018, marijuana will become completely legal in the state. Since the President has announced a war on drugs, focused on opioids at least for now, perhaps we shall begin to reverse the degeneration of our culture even further into hedonism. And we must, for if we are going to have the qualified labor force required to build the nations infrastructure, then druggies do not qualify. I include below this article, “Marijuana Farming Boom Tearing Apart Northern California Communities,” which reports on the tremendous damage the marijuana farms are already doing. Not only does legalized growing take land out of food production, but the illegal marijuana growing does more environmental damage than any other human activity. In addition, cleaning up those sites cost the tax payers more money than all the tax revenue received from the legal growing.

The quote introducing this week’s report, from the article cited, is featured in the final section of this report, and provides the necessary ideas which President Trump must understand if he is going to build the nation’s infrastructure.

Three weeks ago the President was in China as part of his five nation tour of Asia. Among the accomplishments of his trip was the announced $250 billion in new Chinese investments in the industries and infrastructure of the United States. The provocative article included below, “Why America Can’t Rebuild Without China,” is followed by reports on how $84 billion from China is to be invested in the West Virginia economy, and provides an example of exactly what the this means.


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