California Drought (and Flood) Update for June 15, 2017

California Drought (and Flood) Update for June 15, 2017

It was exactly 86 years ago last month, in the midst of the Great Depression, that American workers broke ground on a project unlike anything our nation had ever built. America had a vision to bring irrigation and electricity to vast swaths of the American Southwest, to make the desert bloom with crops and hum with industry. This required something not just new, but, frankly, revolutionary. No structure of its kind had ever built—in size had ever been built. And the feats of engineering necessary to complete it had only been written down on paper and theorized; it had never been tested.  Many said it was impossible…. Our people rose to the challenge and completed their work in just five years, ahead of schedule and under budget. And when the waters of the Colorado River poured forth from the Hoover Dam, the world looked on with wonder at what America had done.

Vice President Michael Pence, June 8, speaking to governors, mayors, and public servants at a working luncheon.

A Note To Readers

The Trump Administration has circulated and adopted a list of 50 priority infrastructure projects developed by the National Governors’ Association. But it has not adopted a “transformational” new infrastructure platform as immediately required– a new platform that uplifts the entire economy to a 21st Century standard, featuring space exploration, fusion power and a nation-wide network of high-speed rail. Nor has the White House proposed to Congress the creation of any form of national credit, without which, as Lyndon LaRouche put it, “all dreams are dead.”

The diversion from the task of rebuilding the nation that now consumes the media and much of Congress with their attempted coup against President Trump, will end. But, the question remains, will the American people ensure that the Trump administration will realize and act on the only policy package that can actually succeed. This article from LaRouche PAC discusses that question more fully: “Coup Attempt against Trump Faltering, As Americans Begin To See a Future Once Again.”

President Trump likes to think big, and dealing with the water problems of the West requires big thinking. As Vice-President Pence in the quote above, and in his subsequent remarks, made clear, we as a people used to think big, and we had better do so once again.

So, to illustrate a moment when we did think big about water, the feature this week highlights two projects of the President John Kennedy era that were moving forward, but died in the years following the assassination of that President.

President Trump should love these projects and they should be revived now. Between them they solve all the water problems of the West for the next century and more.

As for the nominal topic of these reports– drought, floods, water– there is not much new to report this week. The weatherman tells us it will be hot the next few days, and there is an update from the Oroville Dam repair project. But, otherwise not too much else of interest.

Leaving those topics for later in this reports we shall begin with more discussion of the only topic that will make a difference for the nation, the state and future generations: Infrastructure and the U.S. joining with China’s One Belt One Road development policy.

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