California Drought (and Flood) Update for October 12, 2017

California Drought (and Flood) Update for October 12, 2017

As an Italian citizen and chairwoman of Movisol, Lyndon LaRouche’s movement in Italy, I call on you to intervene in defense of Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day. The same people who are out to destroy the U.S. Presidency, led by Wall Street speculator George Soros (who destroyed the Italian lira in 1992), are also trying to eradicate history and culture not only in the United States, but internationally. Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, his Italian collaborator Paolo del Pozzo Toscanelli, Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci, and others were part of a revolution in culture, art, geography, and science, which made the discovery of America possible. The deliberate explosion in human creativity that was the Italian Renaissance is a truly proud moment in all humanity’s history, and not merely for Italians. The people who want to abolish Columbus Day, whether they are maliciously witting, or merely deluded, are out to also dismantle this Western cultural and scientific heritage.

               Open Letter To President Donald Trump In Defense of Columbus by Liliana Gorini, Chairwoman, Movisol

               September 29, 2017


A Note To Readers

Today, October 12, is Columbus Day, regarded as the date of his landing in the Americas in 1492. In an open letter to President Trump from Liliana Gorini, quoted from above, presents a very different picture of the project that Columbus was but an instrument. Her letter is well worth reading, for it presents what were the foundations upon which the U.S. was created, and how every great project since, and those to come– like great water projects– have their roots in the Renaissance.

President Franklin Roosevelt, in the midst of wartime, issued a statement of commemoration in 1941, with this ending:

“This year when we contemplate the estate to which the world has been brought by destructive forces, with lawlessness and wanton power ravaging an older civilization, and with our own republic girding itself for the defense of its institutions, we can revitalize our faith and renew our courage by a recollection of the triumph of Columbus after a period of grievous trial.

“The promise which Columbus’s discovery gave to the world, of a new beginning in the march of human progress, has been in process of fulfillment for four centuries. Our task is now to make strong our conviction, that in spite of setbacks, that process will go on toward fulfillment.”

A reminder, in three weeks President Trump will be heading to Asia for a nearly two week round of meetings and conferences. And since he has both stated that the $72 billion of Puerto Rico’s debt should be canceled, and that the so-called Public Private Partnerships for building infrastructure can never build and rebuild what our nation requires, then we can hope he will take up China’s offer for the U.S. to join the New Silk Road and bring the hundreds of billions of Treasury bills that China holds to the U.S. to help fund the required $2-3 trillion per year we must invest.

And boy do we need it. Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico, Oroville Dam, the New York City transportation system, and now probably a few billions in destruction by wild fires in California, should tell us that only with a determined spirit to revive that mission sense we used to have can we prevent and repair such destruction. The first step to do so is found in this report each week in its final section on restoring the American System of economics. While President Trump has called for restoring the Glass-Steagall banking law; has declared he is committed to rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure; announced that the Private Public Partnerships for building that infrastructure will not work; and has stated that the $72 billion of Puerto Rico’s debt will never be paid, there is a battle royal in the administration that continues to delay the President’s intent from moving forward. The President must be freed from the attempt to remove him. This item tells it all:

After decades of austerity targeting the nation’s and the state’s maintenance of infrastructure and not building in-depth capability to deal with emergencies, whether those created by nature or by man, we now have an out-of-control catastrophic inferno sweeping away lives and thousands of homes in northern California. Beginning especially under the administrations of President George Bush and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, budget cuts to fire suppression capability included not adding to the air tanker fleet, and not putting into play well-known forest practices that make such fires less intense. The same austerity policies continued under President Obama and Governor Brown.

Let us no longer hear that such disasters given to us by the hurricanes, droughts, wind-driven wildfires and deluges are acts of nature before which we are helpless. Mankind must never be subject to the whims of nature for we are not animals, which are helpless before such forces. We humans, when we decide to do so, use our creative minds to tame nature and can see and prepare for future “natural disasters.”

In This Week’s Report

The fires in northern California, as this is written, are still out of control. This is the worst wildfire catastrophe in California’s history. Much of this week’s report pulls together what I think are the most important reports, both of the damage itself and at least some of the background on why these fires are so extreme. Also included here are reports on the record costs of this fire season even before this latest outbreak. Finally, a couple of reports on forest practices that can make such fires less destructive.

What should have been the “big news” of the week, the vote by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to put up its share of the money for the Delta tunnels was proceeded by the state Auditor’s devastating critique of the state’s management of the project. Both developments are included in the second section of this report.

The Oroville Dam Update this week, with less than three weeks until the contracted deadline to finish construction on the main spillway, includes a progress report from the Department of Water Resources. Video clips showing the construction progress are also included.

The final section this week includes more articles illustrating the principles of the American System.

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