California Water and Infrastructure Report for February 1, 2018

California Water and Infrastructure Report for February 1, 2018

I could go on for hours about … how things are so different now…. I have a call … directly with the White House about this project…. It’s astounding, absolutely astounding, to have that kind of relationship with the White House on this project. And then with the market, the producers—the stars are absolutely aligned on this,”

Alaska Governor Bill Walker, discussing the $43 billion investment China is making in Alaska

A Note To Readers

President Trump’s State of The Union Address two days ago did not specify how, as he promoted last February and March, he would return the country to the “American System of Economics,” of, as he said then, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay and Abraham Lincoln. Thus the section of his speech on rebuilding America’s infrastructure was pretty empty.

And, as you can read in the last section of this report below, there is much wailing and flailing both before his speech and after on that topic. That section also includes an item on what we used to do as a nation and warnings about the Achilles Heel of the President– the financial speculative bubble that will pop, and some more reports on our broken-down infrastructure. It concludes with the report from Alaska and West Virginia on the tens of billions China is investing in those two states.

The rest of the report this week focuses on the following:

First, I think some people are becoming hysterical as the rain and snow do not come and the Sun shines every day. “Drought, drought, drought, oh thou is returning,” may be an appropriate characterization of dozens of articles this week. So, I include a good selection of them below. And as the U.S. Drought Monitor chart shows, drought has returned.

Second, there is a plethora of news about the Oroville Dam. That is led by the announcement that the cost of repair leaped upward by one-third to $870 million.

Finally, there is some action by the state on funding some desalination work. Not much, and no where what is necessary, but, hey, in California even that is worth noting.

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