California Drought (and Flood) Update for August 10, 2017

California Drought (and Flood) Update for August 10, 2017

President Trump and Secretary Tillerson have made it abundantly clear that the world’s two nuclear superpowers must be friends, not enemies. The President also directly named the Congress as the responsible party for the dangerous state of affairs between these two nations, following the despicable, near-unanimous Congressional votes to impose sanctions on Russia, and even on the businesses of our allies who do business with Russia. The Congress must be forced to end the McCarthyite witchhunt, and to launch, instead, a full investigation into the lies of the war party, using the evidence in the VIPS report.

VIPS Exposure of the Fraud Behind Russiagate Breaks Out in The Nation


A Note To Readers

I offer no apology for the quote above having little apparent connection to the subject of this report. Simply this: The California water management system will be the least of our worries in a nuclear war, or, for that matter, should the destruction of the President’s intent to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure continue to be blocked by the insanity and criminality of the U.S. media, the intelligence agencies and members of Congress. The quote is from this statement by LaRouche PAC:

This Week’s Report

Yes, it can rain in Southern California in the Summer.

What is a “flash drought?”

The California drought continues to wreak damage as the Friant-Kern Canal slows by 60 percent due to subsidence.

The Oroville Dam update features the shocking report on a 2014 study that considered and dismissed the possibility of a spillway failure.

When wildfires cannot be fought.

Its the environmentalists versus the pot growers in California. May they both loose.

And our feature this week on infrastructure and the credit system demonstrates once again that only $1-2 trillion per year invested in infrastructure can repair the damage. Also covered is why water districts should not gamble on Wall Street.

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