California Drought (and Flood) Update for July 6, 20174

California Drought (and Flood) Update for July 6, 20174

This Week’s Report

Temperatures remain hot in much of the West, and we have an article from Accuweather that explains it, along with what more to expect.

That leads to items on the snowpack melt, some flooding and the lingering affects of the drought on groundwater problems for especially people in parts of the Central Valley.

The Oroville Dam Update this week reports on the progress of the construction of the new lower half of the spillway and the overall plan for the two-year project. So far, the work is ahead of schedule. There are links to several videos of the site and the ongoing work.

Under the title, “Are We Burning Up Yet?,” are several items on the very real potential of a very dangerous and destructive fire season. Even Senator Feinstein jumps into this one. The article, “Climate change expected to fuel larger forest fires — if it hasn’t already,” is included not because it just repeats the narrative expected of the media and researchers, but because it does provide insights into the dynamic of what creates dangerous fire conditions.

The Governor’s tunnels under the Delta, and the ruling that takes it forward a tiny step, has elicited the expected response from opponents, including at least one law suit to stop it. Several items report on the on-going battle.

The “we need more water storage and all our problems will be solved” fantasy continues to chug along like an old steam engine on its last legs. Not to say that more dams and reservoirs are not necessary, but it just won’t happen the way it is being tackled now. So Temperance Flat reservoir and dam is our old locomotive this week. But, this section of the report does include a nice map. The section is concluded with a report on a Congressional bill passed last week to speed up the permitting process for water projects.

The last section of this week’s report includes an article on Republicans who are calling for new infrastructure to be publicly funded, and concludes with the LaRouche PAC call for a National Bank to do so.

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